Channeled by Vladislav Bulgakov, Crimea, Ukraine

Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA














July 15, 2002



In the Gospel of Aquarius Epoch Jesus Christ says that He came to demonstrate a Man his possibilities. Certainly, Christ implied the next Divine stage of a mans evolution.


Remember miracles that Christ showed: transformation of water into vine, healings, raising from the dead, walking on water, pacification of a hurricane, satiation of 5000 and so on. He has demonstrated domination of the Divine Man over three-dimensional reality and its subjection to a human Intellect.


Multi dimension of the Universe has already been started to realize and accept by humanity; it should soon initiate appearance of new ideological concept of the World. The Universe is rank-order and interdependent complex system, integral components of which are the worlds of different dimensions inserted into each other like a set of nestling dolls. Every next vibration world is a cause with respect to the previous one. Thus, our three-dimensional world is causal in respect to two-dimensional world; and we, in turn, are an effect of four-dimensional (which is causal for us) world that is an effect of five-dimensional world and so on. Time is blood of the Universe, and space is its air. (More detailed we will talk about it later). Primitively enough, a system of the worlds is possible to be likened to a river: imagine that in any region of it you poured out paint (i.e. created a cause), descending downstream paint is spreading (manifested effect). Although, upstream (with respect to the region of pouring) there is no paint; in other words, upper level is causal with respect to lower one.


The Law of Space Patronage is manifested similarly: upper form of Intellect helps and takes care of lower forms, that, in their turn, help upper forms to perceive the God and themselves better, i.e. promote their own evolution. A man takes care of plants and animals lower in regard to him form of intellect, but by one or another way they help him to live. Similarly, Those, Who we call the Higher Forces, Hierarchs of Light or Mahatmas of Shambala, established patronage over humanity.


A Man is the God and Creator! Christ said that all people are the Gods. We already start to realize our Divine creative abilities. We already understand that the Universe is a ceaseless creation and an experiment. We start to realize what a huge power have our thoughts and emotions. A Man organizes his reality by his thoughts. Thoughts, feelings and emotions are energies (substance) of astral and mental planes correspondingly. These plans, basically, may be called causal because they are higher in regard to physical plane. Namely quality of our thoughts and emotions forms our mental and astral bodies paint in a river that downstream (project) on physical body and are manifested as health or sicknesses.


The Higher Causal plane (Causal, Karmic) is a cause for all lower planes. This with higher Fire Worlds is the World of Causes a source of a river in our example.


Cause, forming in these worlds, is in series projected into our physical world of effects and becomes our reality.


Sacred fact that has been keeping in secret for a man for a long time is that he, unlike to higher developed man-caused civilizations, has an access to the World of Causes, and it means he is able to create the worlds and reality.


Creative technologies are based on the principle of causal forestalling. Under specific conditions a man is able to change an information about physical object on causal (informational) plane, it will give an effect on physical plane.


Lets turn to Christ actions and consider them from the point of view of creative technologies of consciousness. Transforming of water into vine is mental transformation of substance; satiation of 5000 is substance cloning; raising from the dead is chronal causal regression (resurrection) and so on. We already know some techniques by that we can do it (see previous sites).


Possibilities of creative technologies are limitless; they may open renewed Divine Man physical immortality, inexhaustible sources of energy, absolute material wealth and health, full control over planetary climate, immediate teleportation in time and space, xenoglossical contact with any extraterrestrial civilization and so on. Certainly, an access to creative technologies will get only those who will pass evolutionary exam and become a Divine Man of the Sixth Race (system requirements are opening not less than 6 strands of DNA and 51% of brain).


By now successful experiments are conducted with chronal regressive rejuvenation (revitalization) of a man, his healing from the sicknesses, decontamination of nuclear wastes, creative mental teleportation of substance and so on.


A man is also able to form the causes by his consciousness intellect. The Universe is a street with two-way traffic. That is why creative technologies of consciousness are technologies permitting to change physical three-dimensional reality by power of ones intellect (thought). In such a way as Christ left to humanity.


State of creative consciousness (Unity with Spirit) is activated only when a specific threshold (admission) level is achieved. This level is a frequency value. It is similar to the earth high jumps: if you are ready to overcome lath you won, not ready lost.


The peculiarity is that with attaining of this passed lath there can occur temporary activation of latent strands of DNA and cerebro cluster compartments of a brain!


In this state a man becomes similar to the God and is able to create the Worlds and realities!  











A man is able to form gene drawing of his future child




July 3, 2002




We continue a conversation about human possibilities.


We have already considered mental technologies in correction of a mans genetic code. Now we will consider the example of mental will influence on formation of genetic portrait of a future child.


It is known that considerable part of gene material a child gets from his parents; however it is necessary to know that a child is already ready product, that before this is produced according to a draft matrix. Higher Self of a child before his manifestation forms this matrix in correspondence with individual program of incarnation.


There are seven main sets of genetic material, similar to the main races of humanity (Mongolian, Negroid, European and so on). When Monad bearer is embrioning his genetic code is configured in correspondence with macro parameters of one of genetic sets. Homogeneity (of the same type) of physical portraits inside the nation or nationality may be explained by this.


Is it possible, for example, that white child was born from two representatives of Negroid race? Do not hurry to say no. Now super consciousness of incarnating Monad bearers makes a forming of their genomes. Set of genetic material is rather limited and reflects semi - decimal scheme. Thus, there are only seven main colors of eyes. Combinatory union of the main color parameters between each other dictates a tremendous multiplicity of gamma of human eyes. It is similar to how it is possible to create any musical composition from only 7 notes and to draw any color from 7 main colors. The same situation is with the rest components of genetic material.


Question appears: is it possible before incarnation to draw a portrait of a future child, to assemble him on informational level, similar to meccano? Left numerous details, nuances and system requirements we will answer YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!


Every person has a vita base (genetic skeleton): quantity of chromosomes, genome, DNA structure and so on. They are obligatory, constant parameters. The other parameters are variable. It is possible to configure them to cover a skeleton.


Creative infanting is a creative technology that will become available for Divine Man of the Six Race. Similar to the rest creative technologies of consciousness, it becomes available in full scope to a man after activation and integration not less than 6 strands of DNA and 51% of a brain.


The essence of technology of creative infanting is that future parents find waiting for an incarnation monad bearer and compare their plans with his karmic program of manifestation. If they (plans) are analogous (it is the main condition!), this couple may become his earth physical parents. If the decision is approved, future parents     join their consciousnesses and mentally create (draw, as on computer or paper) the image of future child. Assembling of a child on informational plane, conception and genetic assembling on physical plane, in the mothers womb starts after modeling, comparison, and selection of stable creative thought-form.












August 14, 2002



A man Microcosm and the Universe Macrocosm are holistic (complete) all-sufficient Divine energy informational systems.


Materialistic doctrine of the Universe zombied a man that Space is infinite in time and space, that velocity of light is the fastest method of energy spreading and so on. Discovery of torsion (gravitational, according to Albert Einsteins assumption) waves (and fields), phenomenon of locking of time and space on themselves with the existence of Unified Chronal and Torsion Fields of the Universe have already put modern natural science and cosmology in a deep dead end of crisis.


Basically, materialistic doctrine is correct and right, but only in one particular case in three-dimensional continuum. And our physical three-dimensional world is only one integral constituent of multi dimensional Space.


Space is the set of nestling dolls, in which the worlds are inserted, hierarchically different by the extent of being vibration frequencies.


We have already considered the analogy of organization of reasonable (causal) world in our previous sites on the example of paint in a river. Space may be likened to a computer: a monitor (our physical world of effects), a systems block (Subtle World) and a keyboard (Fire World, Causal World), or, more precisely, a programmer who governs over it. You press the button (create a cause); it performs programming operations in the systems block and displays (manifests) on monitor.


According to the theory of holistic Universe each object of Space is multi dimensional, ceptenerial, although there are smaller hierarchic subdivisions.


A man consciously perceives only one, the first, rough physical constituent of the Universe. Ancient oriental wisdom says: Make fun of those who will say that he saw the Sun. Verily only multi dimensional, holistic, integral vision of real world; it has already become accessible to spiritual developing people.


Neglect of causal, multi dimensional constituents aspect of matter is one of the main reasons of failures of the earth scientists in cognition of Space, in fight with sicknesses, viruses and so on.   THEY ARE FIGHTING ONLY WITH THE EFFECT!  For example, destroying of a virus or a sickness on physical plane is equal to they simple close their eyes on them. It is a very accurate comparison! Even more terrible. Destroying of physical form of multi dimensional object does NOT involve destroying its field subtle components. Imagine, you picked up a toadstool, and its root is left in the soil. What will soon happen with it?


Not realizing it, we violate energy informational equilibrium in Space; in result we have mutations and recurrences of the same viruses. To compensate violated holistic equilibrium Space protective system drives corresponding mechanism, in result new viruses and sicknesses appear from nowhere on the Earth. The scientists and doctors, of course, are surprised (although not always show it) and promise to find a mean against them, not understanding that new virus forms and sicknesses are the result of their creative work.


The same we may say about healing of a person.


Humanity needs to mature and grow wiser. It is necessary to keep in mind one conceptual rule, the Law: To change, neutralize or create biological forms of intellect (viruses, bacteria, a man and so on) is necessary first on the Higher Planes of Being! It is not allowed to do it in the other way!!! You will insert a discord and will threaten to Space!


If you wish to create new bacteria, create it first in your consciousness by your thoughts, inspire it (i.e. give it a part of yourself!). Only after this create it in physical substance in your laboratory. Similarly, before destruction, for example, a virus, destruct it first on the Higher Planes and only after that neutralize it on physical plane. DO NOT VIOLATE THE DIVINE SUBORDINATION!!!



Keep in mind that a creation of new form of life without realizing its multi dimensional Divine essence is a crime against the God and Space! Space will be forced to protect itself from you! That is why do not be surprised of recent sudden deaths of microbiologists, cloners, gene engineers and so on.


UNSPIRITUAL SCIENTISTS IS A DANGER FOR SPACE! It is not yet demanded from you to carry out all above described requests. It is demanded from you a realizing of what you are doing, personal responsibility for a result and Love of your Heart!





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